Welcome to Spiritual and Social Reformation: Embracing the Dawning Age of Consciousness.

Humanity finds itself at the intersection of a very important crossroads. Before us are times of change we can no longer deny or delay. Ahead, we face our greatest challenge. We face an everchanging world in constant fear of itself. We face the abyss. We face ourselves.

In a world torn apart by war, pestilence, hate, violence, oppression, anger and evil, we fail to realize that we hold the keys to freedom. Our feelings of powerlessness and despair are illusory, yet self-created, and they must be self-corrected. It is time for the human race to empower itself in its evolution.

This is not a call to revolution. This is the call of reformation.

The subject matter I will be discussing throughout these entries will be broad, however, will have one central purpose- the awakening of humanity. “From what must we awaken,” you ask? Naivety and ignorance. Our naivety and ignorance have led us down a dark path, a path marked with spiritual fracture, and we are now left ruled by the draconian hand of Dogma. A race of humanity once born in the hands of God now scarcely remembers the Creator. What once was a deep personal connection between the Creator and his children is now replaced by Pagan symbolism masquerading as Christian holidays. That connection has been replaced by a heavy-handed church and overbearing religious persecution. Those who seek to find God on their own terms know not where to begin searching in a world so full of misleading disinformation and secrecy. We are forced to pray in a fashion that pleases the Dogmatic leadership and confess our sins to humans less capable of salvation than we. The most prized of God’s children, those who seek for themselves, often become disillusioned and give up hope in ever establishing a personal relationship with their Creator. Many cease believing in his existence, altogether.

We’ve given up our basic freedoms to governments in exchange for security, and we receive neither. We sign off on the controls of our own lives by passively allowing politicians to misrepresent our interests, entrusting them to make the decisions for us in interest of the “greater good,” only to find we’ve freely given ourselves over to the molestation of our independence as a human. How can this be done? How can over 6 billion people be spiritually handcuffed and morally bankrupted? By silently allowing it. Terrible things happen to people who are convinced that comfort, ease and security are promised so long as they idly stand aside and allow it to happen. We have allowed things to get to this point, and at this point we must make a decision what our fate is from here on. At this point in the human evolution, to decide apathy is to decide death.

However, answers can not be found and power can not be regained unless questions are first asked. Who are we? Why are we here? From where did we come? Is there a God, or are we truly alone? The answers provide the description of a populace that has been disempowered, yet has all it needs to rise again. We have slept and slumbered while the theives attacked us at night, but now we must awaken. Knowledge is the power to this awakening, but it cannot happen unless difficult questions are posed and difficult challenges met directly.

As one awakens, and the veil is lifted, you begin to see how seemingly unrelated topics and subjects are, in fact, strongly connected. Time that felt so linear begins to warp, bend and twist to form a web that has truly entrapped us all.  But, once we discover what has been hidden, we cannot be held back. The truth of who you are, who I am, where we have been, and where we can be is Truth without limits. Once this knowledge descends upon a person, they either run from that light or it becomes a thirst for Truth that is never quenched. It becomes a seed that is planted in their spirit, and its growth is unbridled.

I want you to carefully consider the information provided here. Don’t accept anything as fact unless it agrees with your own sense of logic. Do not let me, or anyone else, think for you. This is your first step- take control over your mind. Study Truth for yourself, and I hope you will find Truth here. Surely, many of you will disagree with much of what I have to say, which is why I want to emphasize that everyone is welcome to discuss and question whatever material is posted here.

Each of you, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, or Nihilist, feels the Truth and the need to change at some level. This is the forum to come together in an effort to tear back the layers of prejudice and division humanity has accumulated. It will not be easy, but instead will be quite difficult. However, to face what is before us, we must come together. We must awaken, and we must evolve. It is time for us to lighten the world, and be the change we wish to see in it.


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