Ye Are Gods

Knowledge is power, however only if that knowledge is something unique to the one who holds it. If I am knowledgeable of something of great importance, while others are not, I hold power in ways unimaginable and unknown by those over whom I hold it. If I seek to rule over you, I will not share this knowledge. If I seek to unite with you, and to empower you as I have been empowered, I will share that knowledge with you. Sharing important knowledge is sharing power. This is how you can separate the wheat from the tares, the true religious leaders from the false. This is also how you can separate real spirituality from Dogma. Jesus once said to the religious teachers, ‘You have hidden the keys to Heaven, you will not go in yourself, and you will not let anyone else in’. This was criticism.

What Jesus is accusing the teachers of doing is hoarding the great knowledge that separates ordinary man from the spiritually enlightened. Had such knowledge been openly attainable during much of human history, we would be looking at a much different world today. But, Jesus is also condemning these teachers for having the knowledge, yet refusing to practice it. Think of it; If I give you the greatest gift you could imagine, be it a car, a home, or perhaps an island, how angry might I become if you destroyed this gift? Jesus came to spread the secret knowledge, to enlighten all men (and women, more on that later). Yet, some accepted the knowledge, failed to practice it, and blocked others from it for reasons of control and manipulation. Such critique goes hand in hand with the reason why we often miss great prophets when they are among us. What happens to human control over another man if that man suddenly becomes enlightened with the Truth? When I’m often asked about the 2nd coming, the initial response I fight is “we didn’t recognize Jesus the 1st time he came until it was too late. In fact, we killed him. Do we now think we are so awake that we will recognize him? Are we so beyond the ego and the need to control that we will allow his message?” We tried to form a wedge between his prophecy and humanity, in fact.

Unfortunately, the evidence points to a populace that is currently beyond ignorant of true spirituality, yet overly fond of religion. For each hack prophet that comes along predicting Armageddon, millions of dollars are funneled in their direction with the hope that this “prophet” is the real thing. Once the prophet is proven to be nothing more than Paypal
Jesus, religious zealots lose faith and meander back into the herd. Yet, don’t be mistaken. The major religions want
you to be confused. Dogmatic practices only work because those who rely upon them do so out of total lack of self-reliance that they strap the church’s leash around their own necks. Sometimes, it even feels a bit more like a noose. Jesus, Buddha, and all other reliable spiritual prophets in the near and distant past taught self-correction as the “narrow way” through which the Kingdom is reached. They only armed you with the message because they, themselves had been armed. Your intention is to, in turn, go and arm others with the Truth. Understand that the Kingdom is not some far off place in which you enter upon Death. The Kingdom is Now. All you have is Now. You do not become Christ-like or Buddha-like. You be. These changing times we face are centered around that concept. God has given you everything you need to find the Kingdom of God. He hasn’t leased it to you. It isn’t coming via lay-away. You have it now, but you must use it. Getting baptized won’t do it. Getting christened as a child won’t do it. Honoring confessions, attending temple, or going to church won’t do it. You won’t find the Truth in those places. You will only find it within yourself, where it already lies. As said in Philippians 2:12,“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” It’s more than a public profession, or saying “I believe in God.” You see, for all that was changed in the Bible, the Gnostics, and in myriad religious texts, the Truth remains open for consumption. However, it is not spoon-fed. To take your spiritual journey to the next level, you must seek to understand the mysteries. You must seek to understand the hidden language Jesus and Buddha spoke.

Those who control religion, politics and government live a privileged life and command authority. They are a network
of individuals who are mostly blood-related, and go to great lengths to keep it that way. These people operate surreptitiously, and are the keepers of the scriptures and the secret knowledge. It is they who have added to and altered the scriptures, in an attempt to hide and keep the secret knowledge from being discovered by others. Jesus and many others were killed by religious leaders for revealing the secrets hidden in the scriptures. In fact, the silencing
still continues. In no way has this suppression stopped or even slowed today. In fact, the efforts to suppress our spiritual Truth have only amplified. Yet, those attempting to suppress that Truth will only find it more difficult to separate us from this knowledge as more people become awakened. Those who seek the Truth are confounded by the lies that have been added to it, in effect, the Truth is camouflaged. Yet, we are given everything we need to find it. No matter who guards the gate, we have the keys. No matter how disempowered you feel at this moment, for whatever reason, remember the words of Jesus when he said “have you not heard it said that ye are Gods?” What would my Atheists friends think if I told them that they can’t find God because they are all a part of God? If this is true, if we are small parts of God, can a thing ever pass judgement on itself? Judgement is a control mechanism.

Stop searching in the desert for answers that lie inside of you. You don’t have to go anywhere. Step beyond the body. Go beyond your mind. Listen to yourself. You only feel without God, or that you cannot find God, because you have been told that you cannot be worthy of God. You already are worthy. You already are saved. No one can hide that from you. You have the keys. You must remember this as we move forward. We are still very close to the canvas, my friends. Keep and open mind, follow your own compass, and seek the Truth for yourselves.



The most important quality one can have is to be an excellent listener. Most people think they are listening when they are, in truth, merely giving attention with their eyes while thinking of what they want to say next. How can humanity consciously evolve without the ability to listen? Furthermore, what is listening? Do we even know where to begin?

To listen is to be present. It is necessary to listen not only to people and their problems, but even more important to stories of celebration, of love, to the sounds that surround us in nature, to the wind, and to ourselves. But, how to we listen to ourselves? If we cannot listen to ourselves, we cannot listen at all. Listening to ourselves requires having the calmness to feel subtleties in our emotion, our vibration and our thoughts that otherwise would go unnoticed. Begin with perhaps 60 seconds each day, perhaps when you wake up, and just observe your breaths. Be a passive observer as thoughts begin to move within your mind. Do not attach yourself to these thoughts or judge them. Notice the sounds around you, but do not respond to them. You have all day to respond, to react, make the first 60 seconds about observing. Observe your thoughts, but do not judge them. Thoughts are never good nor bad, it’s only our attachments to them and the way we act upon them that make them so. If we watch them passively, if we truly listen to them, we become the awareness that is aware that thinking, feeling, and breathing happen. We move outside of form. We owe ourselves the treasure of spending at least 60 seconds observing what our body is trying to say to us. All meditation is a prolonged period of listening to ones self and observing what approaches our perception as one listens beyond normal capability. Listening is the mother that gives birth to meditation.

Once we have learned the basics of how to listen to ourselves, which we find happens quickly once attention is given to it, only then are we capable of listening to anyone else. Only by listening are we capable of true friendship or love. Recently, I sat outside a small Tapas restaurant with my wife, observing the conversation four gentlemen were having behind me. After some time, my wife and I became included in the conversation with these gentlemen, all of whom I would guess were between 55 and 65 years of age. Over three hours our topics changed vastly from sports, to economics, to spirituality, to politics and so on. During each discussion, I noticed one man said little, only observing with a slight smile on his face and acknowledging all sides of the conversation. I will call him Glenn. The few comments Glenn made were remarkably simple, yet profound and insightful. Two of the remaining three men peppered in occassional commentary while interspersing with their own side commentary with one another. However, one man dominated the conversation. Lou, as I will call him, was an intelligent college professor who was obviously highly educated and well read. However, Lou’s obvious intelligence was overshadowed by his inability to listen to anyone, including his three friends. No matter the topic, Lou had a wealth of intelligent quotations, comments and parables. However, I had the feeling that despite Lou’s intellect and factual knowledge, his words lacked meaning. Lou’s three hours of constant quoting and commenting moved me less than the 30 words Glenn spoke all night.

Why was this the case? I had the feeling Glenn listened. He waited to speak until he could intelligently speak with purpose, instead of merely speaking to be heard. Lou’s wise words fell on deaf ears, while I will never forget some of the words Glenn spoke that night. As Lou spoke, I found him restating comments multiple times, speaking over people, and stifling the conversation in the process.

So, what can be gained in hearing this? Wise men can sound foolish when they cannot listen, yet insist on speaking. A fool who listens is no fool at all. When we open ourselves up to the light of listening, we open ourselves up for the true sharing of intellect, opinion, energy and love. When we listen to someone, with all of our being, we can respond in the most appropriate way to better the situation. In this way, we can make listening a meditation, and make that meditation a friendship. Be present in your next conversation, even if it only lasts a few moments. If you make this a practice, you will begin to stand out above others for your ability to empathize and assist others. You may even be able to help a friend or two along the way.

Do Not Fear- Ever

There will be entries in this blog that are more difficult to write. There will be times that I will find it difficult to express what it is we are truly up against, meanwhile still holding true to the fact that we are in control of our destinies. This is the first of those times.

To write about the spiritually uplifting topics, and how we might consciously ascend, is one of my purposes. However, I would be remiss if I failed to bring to light the darkness in our world and what we must do to overcome. Consider the words of Ephesians 6:12. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

While I do not believe the bible to be the literal word of God, I do find there to be some truth in it. At best, it is a book that has been in the hands of many humans, changed quite often, yet can still be found extremely profound when read prayerfully. There is some level of spiritual truth. I believe the same about most religious texts, including the Torah, Quran, many of the Gnostic texts and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is one such verse that speaks to our time.

Anyone who lives today knows it would be negligent of me to not point out that there is much darkness in this world. While I will focus on intimate details behind the dark forces in this world in upcoming postings, I must address anyone reading this to understand that the most important thing you can ever do is to relinquish all fear, in any form, immediately. While this may take some time for many of you, as it did for me as well, I can promise it is possible if you understand once principle…

You are not just a physical body.

You are mostly energy, and as you will learn, energy is real and affects what happens in the world we can see. Also, energy can be bad, or good, but it can be changed at any moment. This is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” Yes, we can lead by example with our actions, this is self-explanatory, but what else could he mean?

It is scientifically proven that people who think of fear or hate vibrate (rather, their bodies vibrate) at a lower frequency than someone who loves. If you think of hate, if you think negative thoughts, your vibration lowers. If you think of love, of optimism, if you think of sincerity and thankfulness, your vibration speeds up and spreads to affect the energy field around you. You can change the energy field around you to one of happiness and positive emotion. This is proven. Now reconsider the words “be the change you want to see in this world.” Be the change. Be the energy you want to experience. This will be very difficult at first, but as you practice “watching” your thoughts and listening to yourself more and more, you will gain control over your words first, then your emotions, then your thoughts. Lastly, you will vibrate at a completely different tone. You will vibrate pure positivity. Life will work with you and through you.

The battle that goes on around us, however, is to keep us vibrationally handicapped. When you walk into a room where someone has fought, can you feel the energy they exchanged? Of course you can. Can it affect you? It can. Negative energy causes mental diseases and physical ailments. It fights against the body, making it weak and causing unexplained sickness. This is why marketing is targeted at the five senses of the physical body. Once a sense response is initiated, the rest of the body follows. The lower frequency at which a person vibrates, the more likely they are to respond to this stimuli. This is why typically negative people are more likely to fall in this scenario, as they are completely identified with the negativity that preys on the mind, and the stimuli affecting the body, including impulse decision-making and unconscious behavior. Furthermore, the negative information spread through the major media outlets is also by design. The negative emotions created through real, and false, stories often drive people to further mind/body identification and, thus, impulsive behavior. Negative stories create fear, make us feel angry, and thus, lower our vibration. Our body’s natural response to this is to seek something to ease the discomfort we are allowing to be caused. Thus, we are weak to any form of five-sense targeted response campaign. We lose control over our senses, emotions, attitudes, spiritual well-being and our health. This is the nature of Hell, but the locks to the gate are on the inside.

For now, all you can do to fight against this is to be aware. We will cover more on this in due time, but awareness cures most of the impulse. You will understand more about this later, but you can already see who is benefitting from your negativity and how they are benefitted. When a commercial charges your emotion, or you feel fearful after hearing about a dreadful news story, or you become increasingly angry over a baseball game, stop and notice the thoughts in your mind. Again, do not judge them. Just be aware. Make sense with yourself. “Why would I let myself get so angry because of this?” Once you are aware that you are thinking negative thoughts, the thoughts will begin to slow down and, eventually, stop. You will begin to train yourself as a positive light for others. It happens slowly at first, and increases with intensity. When you notice this, you have not failed because you became negative. You succeeded because you stopped the negativity.

Once you realize that you are truly a spiritual entity in a physical body, things change. You begin to realize that death does not exist. You feel the right to live. You begin to realize God’s love for you, as an ever-existing spiritual entity. Once you realize you never cease existing, you have begun to overcome all negativity and fear.


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