Elements of Collective Social Change

The majority of social tension comes from the top and flows down throughout society. The leaders set the trends and the mindset, and condition the followers to mirror them. It stands to reason then that nearly every opinion, thought-form, belief and idea held by most citizens is conditioned and, in fact, not theirs. So, if you were once one of those people, or perhaps still are, find any question and ask yourself, truly yourself, what you believe. What do you really believe of war? I don’t want to know what your national pitchman wants you to think. I want to know, when you look through the lens of your own consciousness, what do you believe? What saddens you? What makes you hopeful? What makes you feel alive?

An important element in initializing social change is that we first recognize that we are, by designed, pushed into opposing corner from one another and given weapons to attack each other. Conflict is simply created by those who stand to benefit from it. From a common sense standpoint, am I more easily able to control a large group of people if they are united, or if I can segregate them and use them against each other? This is the nature of religious denomination, political parties, and other affiliations that appeal to the collective ego. The ego seeks approval, and finds it, when it blends in a crowd of like-minded individuals. This is one way in which is becomes satisfied and feeds itself. It further feeds and satisfies itself, once it has identified a collective presence through which it can exercise its power, by identifying other collective egos that oppose to its own beliefs. This gives the ego a chance to emphasis the otherness of others, therefore make itself right and others wrong. This can lead to anger, disagreements, crime, violence, murder, and warfare. Those who control the world do so because they are acutely aware of this knowledge, and use it to pit you against your fellow humans. How do you stop this? How do you seize back your own power? By refusing to burn bridges between yourself, or your collective self, and others.

Collective egos may manifest themselves in many ways. These include religious groups and extremists, political organizations, workers unions, collegiate affiliations and professional sports fans. Identifying the part of you that seeks the collective ego is the first step in removing madness from your life and others around you. While many may not see the similarity between religious extremists and professional sports fans, consider the recent activities in the United States. On opening day in 2011, a professional baseball fan was savagely beaten in the parking lot following a game where he simply wore a replica jersey of the visiting team, who he travelled to support. The man who was beaten, Bryan Stow, is likely to suffer long-term brain damage and remains in a coma from which he may never recover. However, this is not the first time such an event has occured. It happens quite often, especially in professional soccer where the collective egos can be quite powerful, that fans will resort to attacking opposing fans for little or no reason. What level of insanity resides at even the most basic level of the collective ego? Furthermore, have you expressed this yourself? How often have you expressed or even felt anger because you disagreed with someone of a different political or religious affiliation than you? Have you gone over the line of insanity because your college lost an important game, or your political party lost an election? It happens far too often in society that we build walls between groups of people based on eventually meaningless opinions and thought-forms. We judge on affiliation rather than the core of a person’s being. This is sickness and delusion at its most dangerous and darkest level.

Why do people do this? How can a seemingly innocent sports game or political rally turn deadly? The ego seeks to associate with the collective so that it can further identify itself. It creates a delusional state of purpose for the ego. Once we recognize this, truly see it for what it is, it becomes difficult to associate with any collective because our sense of self no longer relies on any sort of labeling outside ourselves. Awareness is the light that erases darkness. Awareness helps us to see it in ourselves and see it in others. We must first be aware that this exists on all forms of society, then be acute in our identification of it around us. Only by tearing apart these types of borders can we begin to ascend beyond the level of collective insanity that robs culture of it’s function and purpose.


Do Not Fear- Ever

There will be entries in this blog that are more difficult to write. There will be times that I will find it difficult to express what it is we are truly up against, meanwhile still holding true to the fact that we are in control of our destinies. This is the first of those times.

To write about the spiritually uplifting topics, and how we might consciously ascend, is one of my purposes. However, I would be remiss if I failed to bring to light the darkness in our world and what we must do to overcome. Consider the words of Ephesians 6:12. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

While I do not believe the bible to be the literal word of God, I do find there to be some truth in it. At best, it is a book that has been in the hands of many humans, changed quite often, yet can still be found extremely profound when read prayerfully. There is some level of spiritual truth. I believe the same about most religious texts, including the Torah, Quran, many of the Gnostic texts and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is one such verse that speaks to our time.

Anyone who lives today knows it would be negligent of me to not point out that there is much darkness in this world. While I will focus on intimate details behind the dark forces in this world in upcoming postings, I must address anyone reading this to understand that the most important thing you can ever do is to relinquish all fear, in any form, immediately. While this may take some time for many of you, as it did for me as well, I can promise it is possible if you understand once principle…

You are not just a physical body.

You are mostly energy, and as you will learn, energy is real and affects what happens in the world we can see. Also, energy can be bad, or good, but it can be changed at any moment. This is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” Yes, we can lead by example with our actions, this is self-explanatory, but what else could he mean?

It is scientifically proven that people who think of fear or hate vibrate (rather, their bodies vibrate) at a lower frequency than someone who loves. If you think of hate, if you think negative thoughts, your vibration lowers. If you think of love, of optimism, if you think of sincerity and thankfulness, your vibration speeds up and spreads to affect the energy field around you. You can change the energy field around you to one of happiness and positive emotion. This is proven. Now reconsider the words “be the change you want to see in this world.” Be the change. Be the energy you want to experience. This will be very difficult at first, but as you practice “watching” your thoughts and listening to yourself more and more, you will gain control over your words first, then your emotions, then your thoughts. Lastly, you will vibrate at a completely different tone. You will vibrate pure positivity. Life will work with you and through you.

The battle that goes on around us, however, is to keep us vibrationally handicapped. When you walk into a room where someone has fought, can you feel the energy they exchanged? Of course you can. Can it affect you? It can. Negative energy causes mental diseases and physical ailments. It fights against the body, making it weak and causing unexplained sickness. This is why marketing is targeted at the five senses of the physical body. Once a sense response is initiated, the rest of the body follows. The lower frequency at which a person vibrates, the more likely they are to respond to this stimuli. This is why typically negative people are more likely to fall in this scenario, as they are completely identified with the negativity that preys on the mind, and the stimuli affecting the body, including impulse decision-making and unconscious behavior. Furthermore, the negative information spread through the major media outlets is also by design. The negative emotions created through real, and false, stories often drive people to further mind/body identification and, thus, impulsive behavior. Negative stories create fear, make us feel angry, and thus, lower our vibration. Our body’s natural response to this is to seek something to ease the discomfort we are allowing to be caused. Thus, we are weak to any form of five-sense targeted response campaign. We lose control over our senses, emotions, attitudes, spiritual well-being and our health. This is the nature of Hell, but the locks to the gate are on the inside.

For now, all you can do to fight against this is to be aware. We will cover more on this in due time, but awareness cures most of the impulse. You will understand more about this later, but you can already see who is benefitting from your negativity and how they are benefitted. When a commercial charges your emotion, or you feel fearful after hearing about a dreadful news story, or you become increasingly angry over a baseball game, stop and notice the thoughts in your mind. Again, do not judge them. Just be aware. Make sense with yourself. “Why would I let myself get so angry because of this?” Once you are aware that you are thinking negative thoughts, the thoughts will begin to slow down and, eventually, stop. You will begin to train yourself as a positive light for others. It happens slowly at first, and increases with intensity. When you notice this, you have not failed because you became negative. You succeeded because you stopped the negativity.

Once you realize that you are truly a spiritual entity in a physical body, things change. You begin to realize that death does not exist. You feel the right to live. You begin to realize God’s love for you, as an ever-existing spiritual entity. Once you realize you never cease existing, you have begun to overcome all negativity and fear.