When You Understand God

The primary roadblock separating believers (of any religion) and non-believers is often perception. Doubts or lack of belief in God typically stem not from a lack of belief in the God, but rather a lack of belief in the God others have described. The mind of the skeptic is highly adept at picking apart stories of a Dogmatic God because they simply don’t make sense. The skeptic is much closer to the Truth, in this regard, than the highly devoted religious follow. This is why often non-believers who experience God at a later point, whether through a near-death-experience or some other cause, often have the easiest time moving quickly along the spiritual path. They moved beyond Dogma before they ever discovered God, instead of first believing and wading through multiple misinterpretations and misunderstanding of who God truly is. The easiest way for a non-believer to eventually realize the existence of God is to first abandon all strongly held thought patterns about who or what God may or may not be as prescribed by any sort of Dogma. Nothing can describe God, and often organized religion confuses and disillusions seekers early in their pursuit. Instead of defining God, seek God for yourself and learn to feel the truth.

Some of the non-believers with the greatest potential to reach others are those with a scientific mind. Science is simply the study of what is symbolized in the Bible as the “Tree of Knowledge.” Imagine this massive tree, if you will. Imagine the multiple limbs, leaves, the detail in the trunk, and the roots running deep into the ground. Now, picture one area of science as being one limb of this massive tree. Those who are adept at a scientific field have stepped out on the farthest reaches of this particular limb. However, knowing all and knowing God is not found in the limbs, leaves or trunk. God is the root. God gave birth to the wonderful science that surrounds us. We breathe science, touch it, visualize it and experience it not because it is the antithesis of God, but rather it is God’s greatest gift to us. Our experience on this planet, the ability to experience 3rd dimensional reality and our ability to study science is the physical proof that we were given free will and a playground on which to experience it. Science is the blessing by which we can better understand this life.

The separation of Science and God (not religion) is one destined to end. It must. Science is moving further and further into the study of consciousness, and the deeper they venture, they will find the only way to solve some of the greatest mysteries in our universe is in admitting that there is a greater consciousness and energy that we cannot comprehend. They will have to call it God. I likely believe we will look back and say that the study of Black Matter was the tipping point where even Science said “We can’t explain this. There must be a God.” God is consciousness. God is the first consciousness from which our consciousness was derived, along with our creative ability and ability of abstraction. It is that very abstract nature that has kept us from understanding God, but a time is coming when we will all celebrate the acknowledgement that the Truth has been within us, and we’ve been successful in bringing it out.


Tools of Distraction

Upon a passive notice of the current news and events in the world, two things become immediate clear. The first of which is the massive volume of news available at any moment, in varying forms, available for the consumption of the populace. The second fact that becomes quite clear is that very little of this news is of any value. In fact, most of it is rubbish. There is a purpose for this.

Every human is tasked with a clear purpose- to enlighten. While this may sound esoteric, secretive, or conspiratorial, it is not. We are endowed by God with the capability of rising to a mental and spiritual plane far beyond what most believe to be possible. It is our primary challenge to experience this, and help bring about this same change in others. Enlightenment is not a destination, it is not a goal, it is simply a nature. It is, in fact, the most natural aspect of what you are. It is a state that can be obtained by anyone, at anytime. It is, after all, your nature. If your natural is not natural, in this moment, then when? Will you find it in some “future” that is merely an abstract misunderstanding time? I have serious issues with any dogma that asserts that Enlightenment is a far away goal. The goal is not to find light, the goal is to unobstruct your already-existing light. It is within you at all times, and it becomes you once it is allowed. There is no “future” in which to find it, because we do not exist on a line plotted with dates. We live on a dot. We live on a singularity, because we are that singularity, and it is us.

As we have discussed, there is a dark consciousness that seeks to separate man and light. You may call it Satan, Lucifer, Devil, whatever you wish. It is intelligent, and once absorbed by men it creates the yearn for power and separation from our natural spirit. The man becomes a slave to the Devil inside him. When these like-minded “Devils” band together, we have the subtle creation of subversive powers that seek to undermine any process of Enlightenment. Now, if this Light is inside of you, and inside of me, how might someone seek to keep us away from this light? By attuning our focus outwardly instead of inwardly. By filling us with darkness and negativity. Distractions are created that draw us in emotionally, to establish some connection between ourselves and the outward magnet. The dark consciousness uses the media as its primary tool in accomplishing this. “Have you tasted this food that you cannot afford? Have you seen this woman whom you cannot have? Have you touched this fabric you cannot buy? Have you heard this dreadful story? Have you smelled this perfume you cannot wear?” They are all saying the same thing to us. “Do not go inward.” The darkness wants you to absorb negative emotion, and become a form of radioactive negativity that spreads it wherever you go. When people initially overlook any “conspiracy theory,” in fact, it is because they are viewing the conspiracy from a purely physical standpoint. They completely miss the aspect of dark and light consciousnesses being prevalent on our Earth and in our selves.”It makes no sense that party A would conspire to do this to party B, because there is no benefit for party A.” We typically think in terms of money, in that regard. However, if we step out of the realm of the body and view motivations from a spiritual aspect, they begin to make much more sense. The benefit for this darkness is not what they gain, it is what you and I lose. If we lose connection with our light, they win. So, they draw us further outside of ourselves, and in the process, we’re taken over by the darkness. It fills in the gaps in our soul that we willingly created.

If salvation lies within us, we are drawn out of ourselves by the world. This is the innate test we all face. Can the spirit be strong enough to overcome the five senses, the tools by which we experience the physical world? While, to many, this seems to invoke the challenge of fasting for 40 days, or something similar, we can learn balance with our physical world while still mastering our spirit. If we lived in a perfect vacuum, perhaps we could all quit our jobs and go on a hunger strike in the name of peace, but that’s not possible right now. Perhaps it would be easier to see our light if we could live this way, but some of you have bills to pay. Some of you have children to nurture. God understands your task at hand, and he also understands that you can be Enlightened in whatever you do, even with worldly responsibilities. So, how do you truly become in this world, but not of it? You live without emotional attachment to anything, but spiritual enjoyment of everything. Let your spirit overcome the body in all ways, and the distractions of the world die. Your spirit speaks to you more clearly.

While this is great, in theory, how can we put this into practice? By practicing present awareness of our emotions and where it takes us. If an interesting news story makes you angry or draws you in negatively, it creates stress on the body and havoc for the soul. Step away from the situation and notice what happened to yourself. Don’t judge yourself, because this also creates negativity for the body, mind and soul. Just simply notice the brief insanity you experienced while literally losing yourself in this story. It could be anything. These stories can be focused on Hollywood, Sports, War, Violence, or anything else being reported. Just observe yourself when you feel these emotions. Over time you can learn to not react with negativity, but instead combat that negativity with positive thoughts, prayers and meditation for anyone affected by the story or situation. If someone around you spreads negative gossip, respond in the same manner. Ask yourself why you became emotionally involved, and notice the momentary insanity it brings. Then, don’t judge, as that is only more negativity produced by the Ego. Just be. Step away, and be.

The change in your nature will start to become apparent to others, and seeing the light being uncovered in you will likely help to shine light within themselves.

Elements of Collective Social Change

The majority of social tension comes from the top and flows down throughout society. The leaders set the trends and the mindset, and condition the followers to mirror them. It stands to reason then that nearly every opinion, thought-form, belief and idea held by most citizens is conditioned and, in fact, not theirs. So, if you were once one of those people, or perhaps still are, find any question and ask yourself, truly yourself, what you believe. What do you really believe of war? I don’t want to know what your national pitchman wants you to think. I want to know, when you look through the lens of your own consciousness, what do you believe? What saddens you? What makes you hopeful? What makes you feel alive?

An important element in initializing social change is that we first recognize that we are, by designed, pushed into opposing corner from one another and given weapons to attack each other. Conflict is simply created by those who stand to benefit from it. From a common sense standpoint, am I more easily able to control a large group of people if they are united, or if I can segregate them and use them against each other? This is the nature of religious denomination, political parties, and other affiliations that appeal to the collective ego. The ego seeks approval, and finds it, when it blends in a crowd of like-minded individuals. This is one way in which is becomes satisfied and feeds itself. It further feeds and satisfies itself, once it has identified a collective presence through which it can exercise its power, by identifying other collective egos that oppose to its own beliefs. This gives the ego a chance to emphasis the otherness of others, therefore make itself right and others wrong. This can lead to anger, disagreements, crime, violence, murder, and warfare. Those who control the world do so because they are acutely aware of this knowledge, and use it to pit you against your fellow humans. How do you stop this? How do you seize back your own power? By refusing to burn bridges between yourself, or your collective self, and others.

Collective egos may manifest themselves in many ways. These include religious groups and extremists, political organizations, workers unions, collegiate affiliations and professional sports fans. Identifying the part of you that seeks the collective ego is the first step in removing madness from your life and others around you. While many may not see the similarity between religious extremists and professional sports fans, consider the recent activities in the United States. On opening day in 2011, a professional baseball fan was savagely beaten in the parking lot following a game where he simply wore a replica jersey of the visiting team, who he travelled to support. The man who was beaten, Bryan Stow, is likely to suffer long-term brain damage and remains in a coma from which he may never recover. However, this is not the first time such an event has occured. It happens quite often, especially in professional soccer where the collective egos can be quite powerful, that fans will resort to attacking opposing fans for little or no reason. What level of insanity resides at even the most basic level of the collective ego? Furthermore, have you expressed this yourself? How often have you expressed or even felt anger because you disagreed with someone of a different political or religious affiliation than you? Have you gone over the line of insanity because your college lost an important game, or your political party lost an election? It happens far too often in society that we build walls between groups of people based on eventually meaningless opinions and thought-forms. We judge on affiliation rather than the core of a person’s being. This is sickness and delusion at its most dangerous and darkest level.

Why do people do this? How can a seemingly innocent sports game or political rally turn deadly? The ego seeks to associate with the collective so that it can further identify itself. It creates a delusional state of purpose for the ego. Once we recognize this, truly see it for what it is, it becomes difficult to associate with any collective because our sense of self no longer relies on any sort of labeling outside ourselves. Awareness is the light that erases darkness. Awareness helps us to see it in ourselves and see it in others. We must first be aware that this exists on all forms of society, then be acute in our identification of it around us. Only by tearing apart these types of borders can we begin to ascend beyond the level of collective insanity that robs culture of it’s function and purpose.

Light Overcoming the Darkness

I don’t want to bore you with endless conspiratorial details. There are myriad reasons for this. First, I don’t agree with the way conspiracies are sensationalized to create drama that makes books more attracting to the consumer. Secondly, because there are thousands of books on virtually any conspiracy you could dream of, there are other sources for such information. Instead of trying to convince you that something is a conspiracy, I would rather wake you up to spiritual truth. I am not here to spread disinformation, I’m here to help you deal with anything with which life confronts you. I have my own set of beliefs on certain conspiracies that will greatly differ from what virtually anyone else thinks, but what good does it do you to convince you of that? I would rather give you the tools to better decipher truth from lies, and spread more truth than fearmonger.

However, I must touch on the fact that most of us realize that we’ve been lied to for a very long time, by many people. The problem is, we don’t know what to do with that realization and information. If you can admit this to yourself, it doesn’t matter to me what you think of individual conspiracies, but rather what you can do once you realize something is amiss. At a very basic level of spiritual energy, the universe is part negative energy and part positive energy. Please understand that both energies have intelligence. The positive energy is what is referred to when the Gnostics or New Agers refer to the “Christ Consciousness.” The negative energy is what has been mistranslated into the persona of Satan. Simply put, this is not a person, but a negative, conscious energy with intelligence. Both parts of this energy reside within each person. The spiritual, God-connected side of us is the Christ energy. This energy is what overcomes a person when he has found momentary bliss in a peaceful enjoyment, or full enlightenment of the kinda Buddha and Jesus experienced. It is Light. It is God. The animalistic, self-absorbed energy within us is the “Anti” Christ energy. While I will explain this in another sense later, please understand that there are two intelligent sides to this world that are battling for supremacy over the human psyche. The Light Consciousness and The Dark Consciousness is what we will call them going forward.

Agents of this Dark Consciousness are very real and are very active in trying to seduce humans. They attack through the five senses, but also through fear and the human ego. This is a battle that has been waged on you since the moment your soul was created. The Dark Consciousness is one that exalts itself and seeks higher position in order to satisfy the ego and its animalistic desire. It wants to consume more, have more, be more important and to domineer over the opposite sex. It will use anger, deceit and manipulation to achieve its goals, if necessary. Those who have more Dark Consciousness within them will exhibit more of these traits, while those who possess more Light Consciousness will exhibit joy, appreciation, Love, contentment, humor, and helpfulness. Only people who are completely given over to one side or the other exhibit those traits fully. They are few and far between. For the remaining 99.9% of the population, they exhibit traits of both to varying degrees at varying times. This is why most of humanity often acts in a way that can best be described as bipolar or schizophrenic.

The idea of someone given over completely to Dark Consciousness is the idea expressed in Satan and the Antichrist. There have been more Antichrists than Christs for a reason. This world is a school where we learn how to choose Light. From time to time, a blessed person comes along that helps show us the way when we are lost. But, even in other times the goal remains the same. Find the pure Light. The Dark that resides on this Earth keeps tied to the physical self by selling us ideas of grandeur and self-satisfaction. Darkness comes in multiple forms, and they can all be intoxicating. They entice the five senses with sex, food, houses, cars, jewelry and money. They appeal to the ego with stature, power and luxury. They create fear, locking us into identification with the mind and body by creating drama, horrific news stories, horror movies, and fearmongering. The more we identify with our bodies, our physicality, and the needs of the ego, the more Light we lose. This is the entire purpose behind any conspiracy you have ever suspected. It is not a battle for your life. It is a battle for your Light. It is a battle for your energy. For where there is Light, there is Life, and you are that Light. They seek to kill you by putting you in the Darkness.

The only way to combat this is to first drop any fear, including the fear of losing your own life. Understand the perspective that you have lived before, and you have died before. You died before and you still made it here with no recollection of that event. As eternal spirit, you have nothing to fear. Nothing can kill you. You are God’s child and you live on, even if you don’t believe it. Yet, if you can lose the fear of death, it will be the last death you experience. Once we have overcome the death within ourselves, we find everlasting life. Once death is conquered, fear dies with it. What is there to fear outside of death? Be wary and question any news story or world event that triggers negativity in you. Be wary of commercials and advertisements that make you lust or trigger your propensity to eat, drink or become indulged. We can enjoy these things when they are near, but we can never become so attached that the thought of losing it all destroys us. This is the nature of obsession, and that is what we are here to overcome. God knows you will make mistakes, he expects them. But, the Darkness tries to trap you into a lifetime of repetitive mistakes that threaten the progress of your soul and humanity. Be aware of these emotions when they arise, take the situation for what it is, pray for those involved, listen to your inner self, and move along. Where you feel Darkness, picture your Light instead.

Ye Are Gods

Knowledge is power, however only if that knowledge is something unique to the one who holds it. If I am knowledgeable of something of great importance, while others are not, I hold power in ways unimaginable and unknown by those over whom I hold it. If I seek to rule over you, I will not share this knowledge. If I seek to unite with you, and to empower you as I have been empowered, I will share that knowledge with you. Sharing important knowledge is sharing power. This is how you can separate the wheat from the tares, the true religious leaders from the false. This is also how you can separate real spirituality from Dogma. Jesus once said to the religious teachers, ‘You have hidden the keys to Heaven, you will not go in yourself, and you will not let anyone else in’. This was criticism.

What Jesus is accusing the teachers of doing is hoarding the great knowledge that separates ordinary man from the spiritually enlightened. Had such knowledge been openly attainable during much of human history, we would be looking at a much different world today. But, Jesus is also condemning these teachers for having the knowledge, yet refusing to practice it. Think of it; If I give you the greatest gift you could imagine, be it a car, a home, or perhaps an island, how angry might I become if you destroyed this gift? Jesus came to spread the secret knowledge, to enlighten all men (and women, more on that later). Yet, some accepted the knowledge, failed to practice it, and blocked others from it for reasons of control and manipulation. Such critique goes hand in hand with the reason why we often miss great prophets when they are among us. What happens to human control over another man if that man suddenly becomes enlightened with the Truth? When I’m often asked about the 2nd coming, the initial response I fight is “we didn’t recognize Jesus the 1st time he came until it was too late. In fact, we killed him. Do we now think we are so awake that we will recognize him? Are we so beyond the ego and the need to control that we will allow his message?” We tried to form a wedge between his prophecy and humanity, in fact.

Unfortunately, the evidence points to a populace that is currently beyond ignorant of true spirituality, yet overly fond of religion. For each hack prophet that comes along predicting Armageddon, millions of dollars are funneled in their direction with the hope that this “prophet” is the real thing. Once the prophet is proven to be nothing more than Paypal
Jesus, religious zealots lose faith and meander back into the herd. Yet, don’t be mistaken. The major religions want
you to be confused. Dogmatic practices only work because those who rely upon them do so out of total lack of self-reliance that they strap the church’s leash around their own necks. Sometimes, it even feels a bit more like a noose. Jesus, Buddha, and all other reliable spiritual prophets in the near and distant past taught self-correction as the “narrow way” through which the Kingdom is reached. They only armed you with the message because they, themselves had been armed. Your intention is to, in turn, go and arm others with the Truth. Understand that the Kingdom is not some far off place in which you enter upon Death. The Kingdom is Now. All you have is Now. You do not become Christ-like or Buddha-like. You be. These changing times we face are centered around that concept. God has given you everything you need to find the Kingdom of God. He hasn’t leased it to you. It isn’t coming via lay-away. You have it now, but you must use it. Getting baptized won’t do it. Getting christened as a child won’t do it. Honoring confessions, attending temple, or going to church won’t do it. You won’t find the Truth in those places. You will only find it within yourself, where it already lies. As said in Philippians 2:12,“Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” It’s more than a public profession, or saying “I believe in God.” You see, for all that was changed in the Bible, the Gnostics, and in myriad religious texts, the Truth remains open for consumption. However, it is not spoon-fed. To take your spiritual journey to the next level, you must seek to understand the mysteries. You must seek to understand the hidden language Jesus and Buddha spoke.

Those who control religion, politics and government live a privileged life and command authority. They are a network
of individuals who are mostly blood-related, and go to great lengths to keep it that way. These people operate surreptitiously, and are the keepers of the scriptures and the secret knowledge. It is they who have added to and altered the scriptures, in an attempt to hide and keep the secret knowledge from being discovered by others. Jesus and many others were killed by religious leaders for revealing the secrets hidden in the scriptures. In fact, the silencing
still continues. In no way has this suppression stopped or even slowed today. In fact, the efforts to suppress our spiritual Truth have only amplified. Yet, those attempting to suppress that Truth will only find it more difficult to separate us from this knowledge as more people become awakened. Those who seek the Truth are confounded by the lies that have been added to it, in effect, the Truth is camouflaged. Yet, we are given everything we need to find it. No matter who guards the gate, we have the keys. No matter how disempowered you feel at this moment, for whatever reason, remember the words of Jesus when he said “have you not heard it said that ye are Gods?” What would my Atheists friends think if I told them that they can’t find God because they are all a part of God? If this is true, if we are small parts of God, can a thing ever pass judgement on itself? Judgement is a control mechanism.

Stop searching in the desert for answers that lie inside of you. You don’t have to go anywhere. Step beyond the body. Go beyond your mind. Listen to yourself. You only feel without God, or that you cannot find God, because you have been told that you cannot be worthy of God. You already are worthy. You already are saved. No one can hide that from you. You have the keys. You must remember this as we move forward. We are still very close to the canvas, my friends. Keep and open mind, follow your own compass, and seek the Truth for yourselves.

Do Not Fear- Ever

There will be entries in this blog that are more difficult to write. There will be times that I will find it difficult to express what it is we are truly up against, meanwhile still holding true to the fact that we are in control of our destinies. This is the first of those times.

To write about the spiritually uplifting topics, and how we might consciously ascend, is one of my purposes. However, I would be remiss if I failed to bring to light the darkness in our world and what we must do to overcome. Consider the words of Ephesians 6:12. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

While I do not believe the bible to be the literal word of God, I do find there to be some truth in it. At best, it is a book that has been in the hands of many humans, changed quite often, yet can still be found extremely profound when read prayerfully. There is some level of spiritual truth. I believe the same about most religious texts, including the Torah, Quran, many of the Gnostic texts and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is one such verse that speaks to our time.

Anyone who lives today knows it would be negligent of me to not point out that there is much darkness in this world. While I will focus on intimate details behind the dark forces in this world in upcoming postings, I must address anyone reading this to understand that the most important thing you can ever do is to relinquish all fear, in any form, immediately. While this may take some time for many of you, as it did for me as well, I can promise it is possible if you understand once principle…

You are not just a physical body.

You are mostly energy, and as you will learn, energy is real and affects what happens in the world we can see. Also, energy can be bad, or good, but it can be changed at any moment. This is why Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” Yes, we can lead by example with our actions, this is self-explanatory, but what else could he mean?

It is scientifically proven that people who think of fear or hate vibrate (rather, their bodies vibrate) at a lower frequency than someone who loves. If you think of hate, if you think negative thoughts, your vibration lowers. If you think of love, of optimism, if you think of sincerity and thankfulness, your vibration speeds up and spreads to affect the energy field around you. You can change the energy field around you to one of happiness and positive emotion. This is proven. Now reconsider the words “be the change you want to see in this world.” Be the change. Be the energy you want to experience. This will be very difficult at first, but as you practice “watching” your thoughts and listening to yourself more and more, you will gain control over your words first, then your emotions, then your thoughts. Lastly, you will vibrate at a completely different tone. You will vibrate pure positivity. Life will work with you and through you.

The battle that goes on around us, however, is to keep us vibrationally handicapped. When you walk into a room where someone has fought, can you feel the energy they exchanged? Of course you can. Can it affect you? It can. Negative energy causes mental diseases and physical ailments. It fights against the body, making it weak and causing unexplained sickness. This is why marketing is targeted at the five senses of the physical body. Once a sense response is initiated, the rest of the body follows. The lower frequency at which a person vibrates, the more likely they are to respond to this stimuli. This is why typically negative people are more likely to fall in this scenario, as they are completely identified with the negativity that preys on the mind, and the stimuli affecting the body, including impulse decision-making and unconscious behavior. Furthermore, the negative information spread through the major media outlets is also by design. The negative emotions created through real, and false, stories often drive people to further mind/body identification and, thus, impulsive behavior. Negative stories create fear, make us feel angry, and thus, lower our vibration. Our body’s natural response to this is to seek something to ease the discomfort we are allowing to be caused. Thus, we are weak to any form of five-sense targeted response campaign. We lose control over our senses, emotions, attitudes, spiritual well-being and our health. This is the nature of Hell, but the locks to the gate are on the inside.

For now, all you can do to fight against this is to be aware. We will cover more on this in due time, but awareness cures most of the impulse. You will understand more about this later, but you can already see who is benefitting from your negativity and how they are benefitted. When a commercial charges your emotion, or you feel fearful after hearing about a dreadful news story, or you become increasingly angry over a baseball game, stop and notice the thoughts in your mind. Again, do not judge them. Just be aware. Make sense with yourself. “Why would I let myself get so angry because of this?” Once you are aware that you are thinking negative thoughts, the thoughts will begin to slow down and, eventually, stop. You will begin to train yourself as a positive light for others. It happens slowly at first, and increases with intensity. When you notice this, you have not failed because you became negative. You succeeded because you stopped the negativity.

Once you realize that you are truly a spiritual entity in a physical body, things change. You begin to realize that death does not exist. You feel the right to live. You begin to realize God’s love for you, as an ever-existing spiritual entity. Once you realize you never cease existing, you have begun to overcome all negativity and fear.