Tools of Distraction

Upon a passive notice of the current news and events in the world, two things become immediate clear. The first of which is the massive volume of news available at any moment, in varying forms, available for the consumption of the populace. The second fact that becomes quite clear is that very little of this news is of any value. In fact, most of it is rubbish. There is a purpose for this.

Every human is tasked with a clear purpose- to enlighten. While this may sound esoteric, secretive, or conspiratorial, it is not. We are endowed by God with the capability of rising to a mental and spiritual plane far beyond what most believe to be possible. It is our primary challenge to experience this, and help bring about this same change in others. Enlightenment is not a destination, it is not a goal, it is simply a nature. It is, in fact, the most natural aspect of what you are. It is a state that can be obtained by anyone, at anytime. It is, after all, your nature. If your natural is not natural, in this moment, then when? Will you find it in some “future” that is merely an abstract misunderstanding time? I have serious issues with any dogma that asserts that Enlightenment is a far away goal. The goal is not to find light, the goal is to unobstruct your already-existing light. It is within you at all times, and it becomes you once it is allowed. There is no “future” in which to find it, because we do not exist on a line plotted with dates. We live on a dot. We live on a singularity, because we are that singularity, and it is us.

As we have discussed, there is a dark consciousness that seeks to separate man and light. You may call it Satan, Lucifer, Devil, whatever you wish. It is intelligent, and once absorbed by men it creates the yearn for power and separation from our natural spirit. The man becomes a slave to the Devil inside him. When these like-minded “Devils” band together, we have the subtle creation of subversive powers that seek to undermine any process of Enlightenment. Now, if this Light is inside of you, and inside of me, how might someone seek to keep us away from this light? By attuning our focus outwardly instead of inwardly. By filling us with darkness and negativity. Distractions are created that draw us in emotionally, to establish some connection between ourselves and the outward magnet. The dark consciousness uses the media as its primary tool in accomplishing this. “Have you tasted this food that you cannot afford? Have you seen this woman whom you cannot have? Have you touched this fabric you cannot buy? Have you heard this dreadful story? Have you smelled this perfume you cannot wear?” They are all saying the same thing to us. “Do not go inward.” The darkness wants you to absorb negative emotion, and become a form of radioactive negativity that spreads it wherever you go. When people initially overlook any “conspiracy theory,” in fact, it is because they are viewing the conspiracy from a purely physical standpoint. They completely miss the aspect of dark and light consciousnesses being prevalent on our Earth and in our selves.”It makes no sense that party A would conspire to do this to party B, because there is no benefit for party A.” We typically think in terms of money, in that regard. However, if we step out of the realm of the body and view motivations from a spiritual aspect, they begin to make much more sense. The benefit for this darkness is not what they gain, it is what you and I lose. If we lose connection with our light, they win. So, they draw us further outside of ourselves, and in the process, we’re taken over by the darkness. It fills in the gaps in our soul that we willingly created.

If salvation lies within us, we are drawn out of ourselves by the world. This is the innate test we all face. Can the spirit be strong enough to overcome the five senses, the tools by which we experience the physical world? While, to many, this seems to invoke the challenge of fasting for 40 days, or something similar, we can learn balance with our physical world while still mastering our spirit. If we lived in a perfect vacuum, perhaps we could all quit our jobs and go on a hunger strike in the name of peace, but that’s not possible right now. Perhaps it would be easier to see our light if we could live this way, but some of you have bills to pay. Some of you have children to nurture. God understands your task at hand, and he also understands that you can be Enlightened in whatever you do, even with worldly responsibilities. So, how do you truly become in this world, but not of it? You live without emotional attachment to anything, but spiritual enjoyment of everything. Let your spirit overcome the body in all ways, and the distractions of the world die. Your spirit speaks to you more clearly.

While this is great, in theory, how can we put this into practice? By practicing present awareness of our emotions and where it takes us. If an interesting news story makes you angry or draws you in negatively, it creates stress on the body and havoc for the soul. Step away from the situation and notice what happened to yourself. Don’t judge yourself, because this also creates negativity for the body, mind and soul. Just simply notice the brief insanity you experienced while literally losing yourself in this story. It could be anything. These stories can be focused on Hollywood, Sports, War, Violence, or anything else being reported. Just observe yourself when you feel these emotions. Over time you can learn to not react with negativity, but instead combat that negativity with positive thoughts, prayers and meditation for anyone affected by the story or situation. If someone around you spreads negative gossip, respond in the same manner. Ask yourself why you became emotionally involved, and notice the momentary insanity it brings. Then, don’t judge, as that is only more negativity produced by the Ego. Just be. Step away, and be.

The change in your nature will start to become apparent to others, and seeing the light being uncovered in you will likely help to shine light within themselves.


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