Light Overcoming the Darkness

I don’t want to bore you with endless conspiratorial details. There are myriad reasons for this. First, I don’t agree with the way conspiracies are sensationalized to create drama that makes books more attracting to the consumer. Secondly, because there are thousands of books on virtually any conspiracy you could dream of, there are other sources for such information. Instead of trying to convince you that something is a conspiracy, I would rather wake you up to spiritual truth. I am not here to spread disinformation, I’m here to help you deal with anything with which life confronts you. I have my own set of beliefs on certain conspiracies that will greatly differ from what virtually anyone else thinks, but what good does it do you to convince you of that? I would rather give you the tools to better decipher truth from lies, and spread more truth than fearmonger.

However, I must touch on the fact that most of us realize that we’ve been lied to for a very long time, by many people. The problem is, we don’t know what to do with that realization and information. If you can admit this to yourself, it doesn’t matter to me what you think of individual conspiracies, but rather what you can do once you realize something is amiss. At a very basic level of spiritual energy, the universe is part negative energy and part positive energy. Please understand that both energies have intelligence. The positive energy is what is referred to when the Gnostics or New Agers refer to the “Christ Consciousness.” The negative energy is what has been mistranslated into the persona of Satan. Simply put, this is not a person, but a negative, conscious energy with intelligence. Both parts of this energy reside within each person. The spiritual, God-connected side of us is the Christ energy. This energy is what overcomes a person when he has found momentary bliss in a peaceful enjoyment, or full enlightenment of the kinda Buddha and Jesus experienced. It is Light. It is God. The animalistic, self-absorbed energy within us is the “Anti” Christ energy. While I will explain this in another sense later, please understand that there are two intelligent sides to this world that are battling for supremacy over the human psyche. The Light Consciousness and The Dark Consciousness is what we will call them going forward.

Agents of this Dark Consciousness are very real and are very active in trying to seduce humans. They attack through the five senses, but also through fear and the human ego. This is a battle that has been waged on you since the moment your soul was created. The Dark Consciousness is one that exalts itself and seeks higher position in order to satisfy the ego and its animalistic desire. It wants to consume more, have more, be more important and to domineer over the opposite sex. It will use anger, deceit and manipulation to achieve its goals, if necessary. Those who have more Dark Consciousness within them will exhibit more of these traits, while those who possess more Light Consciousness will exhibit joy, appreciation, Love, contentment, humor, and helpfulness. Only people who are completely given over to one side or the other exhibit those traits fully. They are few and far between. For the remaining 99.9% of the population, they exhibit traits of both to varying degrees at varying times. This is why most of humanity often acts in a way that can best be described as bipolar or schizophrenic.

The idea of someone given over completely to Dark Consciousness is the idea expressed in Satan and the Antichrist. There have been more Antichrists than Christs for a reason. This world is a school where we learn how to choose Light. From time to time, a blessed person comes along that helps show us the way when we are lost. But, even in other times the goal remains the same. Find the pure Light. The Dark that resides on this Earth keeps tied to the physical self by selling us ideas of grandeur and self-satisfaction. Darkness comes in multiple forms, and they can all be intoxicating. They entice the five senses with sex, food, houses, cars, jewelry and money. They appeal to the ego with stature, power and luxury. They create fear, locking us into identification with the mind and body by creating drama, horrific news stories, horror movies, and fearmongering. The more we identify with our bodies, our physicality, and the needs of the ego, the more Light we lose. This is the entire purpose behind any conspiracy you have ever suspected. It is not a battle for your life. It is a battle for your Light. It is a battle for your energy. For where there is Light, there is Life, and you are that Light. They seek to kill you by putting you in the Darkness.

The only way to combat this is to first drop any fear, including the fear of losing your own life. Understand the perspective that you have lived before, and you have died before. You died before and you still made it here with no recollection of that event. As eternal spirit, you have nothing to fear. Nothing can kill you. You are God’s child and you live on, even if you don’t believe it. Yet, if you can lose the fear of death, it will be the last death you experience. Once we have overcome the death within ourselves, we find everlasting life. Once death is conquered, fear dies with it. What is there to fear outside of death? Be wary and question any news story or world event that triggers negativity in you. Be wary of commercials and advertisements that make you lust or trigger your propensity to eat, drink or become indulged. We can enjoy these things when they are near, but we can never become so attached that the thought of losing it all destroys us. This is the nature of obsession, and that is what we are here to overcome. God knows you will make mistakes, he expects them. But, the Darkness tries to trap you into a lifetime of repetitive mistakes that threaten the progress of your soul and humanity. Be aware of these emotions when they arise, take the situation for what it is, pray for those involved, listen to your inner self, and move along. Where you feel Darkness, picture your Light instead.


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